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Illustrated by Anura Srinath and published by Sandi Titus with Michael Meyler, Keerthihan's Kite is a trilingual children's book, the story of a small boy and his kite. The text appears in English, Tamil and Sinhala on every page, and the story is brought alive by beautiful hand-painted illustrations by Anura Srinath. The book is accompanied by a DVD of the story being read in all three languages, with animated images of the pictures from the book.

Keerthihan's Kite is written for small children. But the colloquial language and the trilingual text mean that it can also be used as a tool for learning a second or third language as well – for adults and children alike. For anyone who is not familiar with Sinhala or Tamil script, phonetic transcriptions of the Sinhala and Tamil versions of the story appear at the back of the book.

Further information, including sample pages from the book and sound files from the DVD, can be found on the website www.mirisgala.net

Pages: 120
Published by: Web Sales