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Illustrated by Anura Srinath and published by Sandi Titus with Michael Meyler, Keerthihan's Kite is a trilingual children's book, the story of a small boy and his kite. The text appears in English, Tamil and Sinhala on every page, and the story is brought alive by beautiful hand-painted illustrations by Anura Srinath. The book is accompanied by a DVD of the story being read in all three languages, with animated images of the pictures from the book.

Keerthihan's Kite is written for small children. But the colloquial language and the trilingual text mean that it can also be used as a tool for learning a second or third language as well – for adults and children alike. For anyone who is not familiar with Sinhala or Tamil script, phonetic transcriptions of the Sinhala and Tamil versions of the story appear at the back of the book.

Further information, including sample pages from the book and sound files from the DVD, can be found on the website www.mirisgala.net

Pages: 120
Published by: Web Sales

Compiled and edited by Ameena Hussein, these stories are authored by: Afdhel Aziz, Anthea Senaratna, Kanthi Goonawardane, Nisreen Jafferjee, Manoshi de Silva, Ruveka Attygalle, Sanjaya Senanayake and Samia Cader

The sequel to Milk Rice

A bear with a frightening name, a cat who is a dictator, a water drop that travels the world and a mynah with a wonderful gift...

In the second collection of MILK RICE, we bring you a rich and varied selection of eight wonderfully entertaining stories with illustrations and a marvelous mix of fantasy and imagination. This volume is a real treasure trove of words and stories which amuse and entertain as they immerse children in the world of books. Every tale brings laughter or tears and has a special message about growing up. Perfect for reading alone or aloud and for dipping into time and time again.

ISBN 978-955-0041-04-6
Author Ameena Hussein
RS. 400
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Pages: 80
Published by: Popsicle Books

Alex Stewart is a counselor/psychotherapist who moonlights as a DJ, playing music from around the world at clubs and parties. Having developed a personal way of telling stories without words, his art-work reflects a deep love of miniature painting and medieval European book illustration. He divides his time between the UK and Sri Lanka where he exhibits regularly.

Once upon a time, the legendary king Ravana displeased Lord Shiva who unleashed nature's fury on the land of Lanka. To save his land and people, this resourceful king hit upon an ingenious solution. If you have read How the Squirrel got his Stripes, it is time to add to your collection. Immerse yourself in legend and be captivated by the illustrations of this book that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

ISBN 978-955-0041-09-1
Author Alex Stewart
RS. 600
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Pages: 30
Published by: Popsicle Books

Mona's Mission Impossible takes you to new worlds in this spirited and original adventure.

A highly enjoyable and exciting read, Mona's Mission Impossible takes you to new worlds in this spirited and original adventure. Mona has just moved into a new house with her mum, step dad and baby brother, when strange and weird things start to happen. First she is visited by aliens who need her help. Then she discovers that her dad didn't really die at sea but is instead help prisoner in the land of Seapania. But his time is running out. If Mona believes what her new alien friend Jo-aag has to say, she needs to rescue her dad fast.

Pages: 144
Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House

Prashani Rambukwella's first book, Mythil's Secret, won the 2009 Gratiaen Prize, thrilling readers both young and old with its originality, fast pace and authentic Sri Lankan voice. A corporate writer by profession, Prashani is a poet and playwright but is happiest when writing stories for children.

Winner of the Gratiaen Prize in 2010

Mythil thinks he is in for a boring time at Archchi's big old house but then things begin to happen. Who lives in the deep jungle and are they friends or foes? How can he make his parents believe the mysterious things that keep happening to him? And how can a young boy like him outwit a clever and sinister enemy on his own?
Mythil's Secret is a story about a young boy's discover of just how strong the bonds of family and friendship can be. Join him on this spine-tingling adventure as he leans to look within himself for courage he never knew he had.

Rambukwella has got into the imaginative mind of a pre-teenage boy and has given a wonderful story for children with a lot of local flavour. The book is certainly a page turner for the adventurous young – Elmo Jayawardene

Mythil's Secret is proof that there can be such a genre as Sri Lankan Fantasy Fiction. It's the sort of book you can read to your kids at night and find yourself equally arrested as they are whilst the story unfolds – Leisure Times

Mythil's Secret is that rare thing in children's fiction—a work that discusses both adult and children's issues equally well...Yet what takes Mythil's Secret beyond much children's literature, and where it really succeeds, is in its willingness to address the strengths, weaknesses and responsibilities of grown-ups, too, especially in relation to kids – CHA, An Asian Literary Journal.

ISBN 978-955-0041-00-8
Author Prashani Rambukwella
RS. 550
10 In Stock
Pages: 166
Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House
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