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Journal de bord d'un vaisseau français aux Indes Orientales sous Louis XIV

Le 16 mars 1671, le navire du roi le Breton appareille de La Rochelle pour apporter à l'Escarde de Perse qui se trouve aux Indes, la plus importante flotte jamais vue dans cette partie du monde et envoyée par Louis XIV, un coffre plein de 100,000 livres, des hommes en renfort et les lettres du roi.


ISBN 978-955-8736-03-1
Author Philippe Fabry
RS. 1,000
Pages: 380
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'Voices of Peace' weaves together the narratives of ten former LTTE cadres and ten SLM personnel who actively fought at the front lines.

These once active agents in war; have become passive witnesses in the transition to peace. This book provides a platform for the stories of these unheard voices of Sri Lanka's protracted conflict and a safe space to restore their agency, by empowering them in the ongoing peace process. In 'Voices of Peace' we hear their story by listening to them rather than talking about them. In a country that has long been divided, it gives us the opportunity to interact with both sides of the conflict, blur the lines between divisions, and start thinking about our common goals. It is a discovery of what 'we do not yet know' about the conflict and post-conflict situation. By listening to their voices, we can discover what more needs to be done for peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka. 'Voices of Peace' aims to encourage meaningful public discussion and the continuation of dialogue, and help pave the way to a Sri Lanka where diversity is recognized, accepted, and even celebrated.

ISBN 978-955-35657-0-9
Author Sarah Kabir
RS. 1,200
RS. 1,020
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Pages: 291
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Growing stellar performers in organizations

Against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean, in the early hours of the morning, are two men who walk on the beach sharing their life stories.

Encapsulated in a moving story of ambition, success, family and crises is a series of anecdotes that talk about the purpose and fulfillment at work and life as a whole.

'Amidst a sea of publications that often over-complicate the purpose and practice of leadership, coaching and mentoring, Rozaine and Pujitha guide the reader through the evidence-based research that sits behind the art and science of authentic leadership. The highly relatable characters make it a thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational read.' - Dr Chintha Dissanayake

'It simply amazes me to read an outstanding, exemplary, thought provoking series of writings, presented after much research on the challenges behing growing stellar performers in organizations.' - Romesh Moraes

ISBN Rockstars
Author Rozaine Cooray and Pujitha Silva
RS. 1,990
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Anne Abayasekara started her career in 1947 as the first female Sri Lankan staff journalist.

In the highly productive decades that followed she wrote on a variety of themes. This book covers the themes of the changing role of women, love of motherland, and family and home life. It also includes a section on how others viewed her. The book is bound to captivate readers - both those acquainted with her writing and those with no knowledge of it, stirring their hearts and minds.

'She always managed to marshal her material and then produce a coherent, beautiful pattern, an expression of simple but vibrant language.' - Siri Ranawake



ISBN 978-955-1723-42-2
Author Anne Abayasekara
RS. 1,250
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Sri Lanka's leading environmental architect, her primary design impulse is a concern for the ecology of sites and sustainability of human habitats. In her free time she travels extensively in Sri Lanka with her husband Karu and two daughters Amaya and Savera, exploring the disappearing elements of the island's lost culture.

Shortlisted for the Gratiaen Prize

Sit back and let yourself be swept along in Sunela Jayewardene's intrepid journeys across Lanka's lush countryside. Join her and rediscover myth & legend, history & heritage as she adroitly describes nature's enduring beauty and oft forgotten traditions that pulse to the beat of an unseen drum. Line of Lanka is a brilliant and unusual portrayal of a country and its people that will change your perceptions of Sri Lanka.

'With a poet's eye for beauty, Jayewardene explores the spiritual landscape of Sri Lanka' – John Gimlette, The Elephant Complex

'A personal travelogue that defies easy bracketing' – Sanjana Hattotuwa, Groundviews

'A composite of many stories woven out on forgotten trails' – Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne



ISBN 978-955-7743-04-2
Author Sunela Jayewardene
RS. 1,200
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Pages: 302
Published by: Sailfish
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