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As a bunch of boys attempt to hurl 4 or 5 letters through an open window of a passing car, Carolis swerves. He has eyes at hte back of his head plus the peripheral vision of a matador. Nothing escapes his eagle eyes.

The letters hit the pavement. By sheer luck two fall into the car. Rimu is distraught. Her own letter is not one of them.

The boys run alongside the car throwing in what fell on the road. By now Carolis is hysterical.

"Wait Baba, till I go Home. I'll tell, I'll tell," he screams.

Rimu is not a jelly.

"Pooh Carolis, what are you going to tell?"

"I'll tell you are getting love letters from that Raju Bakamuna your mother has told not to drive past the house even."

"So where are the letters Carolis? Those were the only History notes, SEE?"

Carolis is no match fir Rimu. He looks at hte notes which are undeniably history.


From a time where rules were rules and never meant to be broken, to today's fast paced, no taboo society, Goolbai Gunasekera relates her stories with a light touch, demonstrating that whatever happens, with the correct attitude, life can indeed be a frolic!

          To be consumed without moderation.

ISBN 9786245831029
Author Goolbai Gunasekara
RS. 2,000
300 In Stock

Author, Publisher Ameena Hussein has two collections of short stories to her name – ZILLIJ which won State Literary Award and FIFTEEN which was shortlisted for the Gratiaen Prize. Her novel MOON IN THE WATER was long listed for both the Man Asian Prize and the Dublin IMPAC Award. She has numerous published essays and has compiled three collections of stories for children which are approved by the Ministry of Education for School Libraries: MILK RICE 1, MILK RICE 2 and VAMPIRE UMPIRE. She also compiled a collection of 'naughty stories' for an adult readership titled BLUE.

Zillij is a collection of short stories addressing and revolving around the question of identity, within an essentially Sri Lankan context.

Zillij is the captivating Islamic traditional art of creating intricate mosaic design using hand-cut tiles.

While most of this volume reflects aspects of Sri Lanka's ethnic and socio-economic struggles, these stories are not merely 'about' Sri Lanka.

Winner of the State Literary Award for Best Short Stories

ISBN 978-955-8897-00-0
Author Ameena Hussein
RS. 1,750
400 In Stock

Asitha Ameresekere was brainwashed by Greek myth from an early age and has studied Classics ever since. At various points in his life, he has been a teacher, librarian and chef, but has always made films in his spare time. He is the recipient of a BAFTA award for his film Do not Erase. He currently lives in London.

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BAFTA award-winning film maker Asitha Ameresekere brings his extraordinary talents to the page with his startling, thought provoking and tender offering of stories.

Shakespeare has a writing block and Medusa just doesn't like her hairstyle – of course! BAFTA award-winning film maker Asitha Ameresekere brings his extraordinary talents to the page with his startling, thought provoking and tender offering of stories. Incredibly charming and beautifully written with a balance of pathos and humour, Ameresekere shows us that a chance encounter, a hidden revelation, or even an angel could reconfigure the world. Ameresekere reveals the idisocyincrasies and odd logic that rule our lives, making this stunning debut the work of a writer with a spectacularly original and compelling voice.

'Ameresekere's consummate awareness of what makes a good story, his quirky sense of humour, and his ability to supply many points of view in the telling-including that of a dog-disclose a complex literary sensibility that belies his neophyte status as a writer' – Professor S W Perera

'Ameresekere is incomparable to any other Sri Lankan author to be published in recent years. His stories are bound to appeal to local as well as international readers not only because they are set in a wide array of places, but because Ameresekere chooses his narrative style to harmonize with the place and culture he is representing, a trait seldom seen in other contemporary writers. For Sri Lankan fiction fans and short story lovers alike, Wedding Gifts and Other Presents will not fail to entertain, amuse and surprise with its unique entourage of characters humorous twists of fate' – Chalani Ranwala

ISBN 978-955-8897-14-0
Author Asitha Ameresekere
RS. 490
200 In Stock
Pages: 130
Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House

Alagu Subramaniyam was a Ceylon born writer, a Barrister-at-Law of the Honourable Society of Licoln's Inn and an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Ceylon. His father was a judge in Ceylon and his grandfather was a literary personage. He combined the dual professions of barrister and writer and was married to a graduate teacher.

The Big Girl & Other Stories is a retro-collection of stories by the talented posthumous author Alagu Subramaniam.

They recount scenes of life in Jaffna more than 50 years ago. The book which had disappeared from circulation has now been updated and reprinted in its entirety.
These stories evocatively capture the ethos of an era now past and will leave you nostalgic for a simpler time.

"Mr Subramaniayam could have had a sound practice at the English Bar, but he preferred to pursue his literary work, which is of a higher order" - Lester Hutchinson, D es L., Former MP (British House of Commons)

"Stories told sardonically and succinctly" - Philip Day, Sunday Times (London)

ISBN 978-955-1723-41-5
Author Alagu Subramaniyam
RS. 2,450
Out of stock
Pages: 152
Published by: The Bay Owl Press

Born in Sri Lanka, Shalini Wickremesooriya has two grown up children. A certified member of the Royal college of Speech and Language Therapists - UK and licensed by the Sri Lanka medical council, she has a doctoral degree from the University of Sheffield, UK. An independent practitioner who engages in research, clinical practice and teaching, she has extensive experience speaking at international conferences and liaising with professionals across the globe. She truly believes in knowledge sharing and makes every effort to disseminate information to varied audiences, using different platforms. She is also a firm believer that humans are lifelong learners and encourages people to evolve at every stage of their life.


Stories of hope and courage

Newly reprinted in 2022, this book is a collection of stories that reads like fiction but infact, reflects the lives of disabled individuals across the globe. Each story is narrated by a courageous individual who refused to be defined and shaped by a label or a medical diagnosis. These individuals choose life and living instead of doom and gloom. They are not international superstars but are stars nevertheless because they valiantly defied limitations imposed on them despite the odds that were stacked against them. The stories are a gift of hope and inspiration to the countless number of individuals with disabilities.

You too can overcome!

The stories also carry a loving message to parents, care-givers, teachers, health professionals, neighbors, family and friends.

Look beyond the disability and recognize the person who is struggling to emerge!

ISBN 978-955-1723-39-2
Author Shalini Wickremesooriya
RS. 1,300
Out of stock
Pages: 128
Published by: Bay Owl Press

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