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Razeen Sally was born to a Sri Lankan Muslim father and a Welsh mother. He grew up in Colombo and completed his later schooling and university studies in the UK. His academic and advisory work has taken him around the world, but, in his early forties, he felt Sri Lanka callng him back for the first time since childhood. He has spent the last decade travelling all around the island

A poignant travel memoir that tells the story of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka seemed like a version of paradise to Razeen Sally as a child, but conflict was soon to follow, tearing the family apart and severing their bond with Sri Lanka.

Return to Sri Lanka is the story of a twenty-first century reconciliation between Sally, now an academic and political adviser, and the land of his birth. A travel memoir with deep political concerns, it is a book full of spellbinding beauty and moving insight, from a writer who is a native, a tourist, both and neither.

ISBN 978-93-5345-060-1
Author Razeen Sally
RS. 1,750
Pages: 386
Published by: Juggernaut Books

Andrew Fidel Fernando is a Colombo-based writer and satirist, working mainly for ESPNcricinfo. He travels, eats, cooks, scuba dives, regularly bungles all of the above, and relishes collecting stories that grapple with history and lay bare the soul of a place, particularly in his native Sri Lanka. Upon A Sleepless Isle is his first book

Dense green forests in Yala, white-sand coasts in Trincomalee, azure waters off the south coast, Anuradhapura's ancient temples, and cricket.

Civil war, political assassinations, internally displaced communities, industrial-scale corruption. 

All are Sri Lanka. As are smug bureaucrats, nosy neighbours. and stray dogs with serious axes to grind.

Through the eyes of Andrew Fidel Fernando, cricket writer par excellence, both a local and a tourist in his home country, Sri Lanka comes to life as he hurtles down hills in Kandy, breathes in the history at the rock fortress of Sigiriya, grapples with the aftermath of war in Jaffna, and has himself evicted from restaurants near Galle. Weaving through all manner of villages, paddy fields, mountains, jungles and marshlands, and pausing for the pests at grimy guesthouses and the vacationers of luxury hotels, Fernando has the time for every genre of person and wildlife in this chaotic, exquisite, frustrating, bewitching, tumultuous and intoxicating land.

Hilariously witty, yet wistfully sombre, Upon A Sleepless Isle is the story of a country and a people caught between long historical traditions and global capitalism, resulting in this ingenious paradise.

"A hilarious, nuanced and elegant work that grapples with Sri Lanka's complexities, and celebrates its beauty" - Shehan Karunatilaka

ISBN Upon_A_Sleepless_Isle
RS. 2,095
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Pages: 244
Published by: Picador India

David Scott has worked as a sports journalist, reporting on the 1999 and 2007 Rugby World Cups as well as various other sports events for various newspapers. He lives in Sri Lanka, where he divides his time between a Colombo seaside home and a small family estate in Kurunegala district. 


An expatriate reflects upon the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Sport, Society, and New Zealand

After a forty year voluntary exile an expatriate Kiwi returns to New Zealand to travel around while reporting on the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Return to Rugby Land is a challenging and provocative social commentary encompassing more than just the games or the scenery. Scott explores sport's place in society, along with the myths, psyche, and anxieties of a small nation. While questioning comfortable shibboleths, including about Maori and women, his personal account offers heartfelt insights and a broad understanding of New Zealand inextricably linked to the omnipresent game of Rugby.

ISBN 978-955-1723-44-6
Author David Scott
RS. 1,000
RS. 800
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Pages: 265
Published by: Bay Owl Press

Michael is an International Author, Traveller, Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Corporate Trainer, Consultant and Motorcycle Tour Operator. He has travelled extensively in over 10 different countries and has ridden over a hundred thousand kilometres in Sri Lanka, The USA, Australia, Thailand and India. He resides in Sydney when he is not travelling and riding motorcycles overseas.

Join Michael Rohan Sourjah on his motorcycle adventures around the world. Get on to a legendary Royal Enfield and let yourself be guided to the far corners of Sri Lanka, exploring everything this amazing country has to offer.

Ride to the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa and marvel at ancient ruins and reservoirs; get on fantastic motorcycling roads that take you through majestic mountains, extensive tea plantations, forests and lovely waterfalls; cruise along the coast to explore imposing colonial military forts; relax on clean sandy beaches and visit old temples, kovils, churches and mosques; join wildlife safaris to watch elephants, leopards, birds, whales and dolphins and combine all of this with a variety of delicious food and drinks from different cultures that make up the hodgepodge of people living on the island.

ISBN 978-955-1723-45-3
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Pages: 326
Published by: Bay Owl Press

A practical and concise guide to discover and explore nearly 80 fascinating sites.

For each site an English, Tamil and Sinhala name to help when asking for directions. A drawing, a brief description, directions tor each it, a GPS position for a precise location and a map to help you get there.

ISBN 955-8736-01-5
Author Philippe Fabry
RS. 950
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Pages: 208
Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House
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