The Legend of Kataragama in Lanka

The Legend of Kataragama in Lanka

RS. 250
ISBN : 978-955-0041-10-7
Author : Alex Stewart
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Alex Stewart is a counselor/psychotherapist who moonlights as a DJ, playing music from around the world at clubs and parties. Having developed a personal way of telling stories without words, his art-work reflects a deep love of miniature painting and medieval European book illustration. He divides his time between the UK and Sri Lanka where he exhibits regularly.


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Popsicle Books

Skanda, the god of war is known by many names: Kartikeya, Arumugan, Vel – Murugan and most popularly Kataragama Deviyo. He was conceived to end a dispute among semi-divine beings, and having done so, settled down happily in the land of Lanka.

The legends that are linked to the god Kataragama are succinctly retold and beautifully illustrated in this collectible book.