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The Vampire Umpire

The Vampire Umpire

The Vampire Umpire

RS. 400
ISBN : 978-955-0041-05-3
Author : Ameena Hussein
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Compiled and edited by Ameena Hussein, these stories are authored by: Afdhel Aziz, Nanda Wanasundera, Sanjaya Senanayake, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Asgar Hussein, Pia Sonderegger, Ameena Hussein, Alexandra Harris and Devika Brendon.


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Popsicle Books

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Uh-oh, here comes trouble in all its shapes and forms.

First, there is the scarecrow who wants to see the world and finds more than he bargained for. Then, there is Frederico who is crazy about cricket but has a small problem to solve before he can play. What about Minnie who dreams of being a spy? And I can't even tell you enough about the blue stone should you find it, or the Blink Fairy or the Chena Cultivator. Oh dear! Don't get me started.

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