Angampora - A Nation's Legacy in Pictures

Angampora - A Nation's Legacy in Pictures

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ISBN : 978-955-7844-00-8
Author : Reza Akram


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Reza Akram is a commercial, documentary freelance photographer whose work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Artra Magazine, and LT Magazine to name a few. Along with his freelance work, Reza executes photography assignments for notable organizations such as The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), and the British Council.


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Oceans And Continents

The mysteries of the world are all but gone. For thousands of years, Sri Lanka was the abode of the martial art Angampora, a sophisticated ancient discipline that was fortified with military philosophy, a deep spiritual connection with nature, and a deadly array of combat techniques. The dramatic saga of this exotic art begins with legends that date back to the dim recesses of time and unfolds to the present day, where it has survived after enduring the onslaughts of three centuries of colonialism and political unrest in Sri Lanka's recent past.

Angampora: A Nation's Legacy in Pictures is a stunning pictorial narrative of this ageless martial art. For the first time in the world, the art will be showcased in breathtaking pictures that captures the vast span of its influence on Sri Lanka's history and culture. From artefacts never seen before to combat techniques that have remained in supreme secrecy for centuries; and illustrating the art's vibrant esoteric rituals as well as its secretive and deadly node science, Angampora: A Nation's Legacy in Pictures brings to the world an unparalleled work of Sri Lankan research and photography. Written by Deshamanya Ajantha Mahanthaarachchi, the heir of the Korathota Aracchis, one of Sri Lanka's oldest surviving Angam lineages, and photographed by Reza Akram, this book is a seminal work on an undiscovered cultural legacy of Sri Lanka.