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Leopard Observations

Leopard Observations

Leopard Observations

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ISBN : 978-955-1723-31-6
Author : Nanda Senanayake
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Nanda Senanayake is a Sri Lankan wildlife enthusiast. A keen observer of nature, Senanayake records his observations meticulously. This book is an outcome of him wanting to share information on leopards observed in the wild, in Sri Lanka's Yala National Park over a significant period of time. It carries hitherto unpublished information.


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Perera Hussein Publishing House

An avid wildlife enthusiast, Nanda Senanayake has been observing leopards and their behavior for many years. Truly a seminal work, this book is the result of patient data gathering in Sri Lanka's Yala National Park over the years on leopard population density, mating patterns, mobility and longevity in the wild.

Contains a vast amount of statistical data and concise narratives on a number of important subjects that have never been published before on the Sri Lankan leopard. - Kithsiri Gunawardena