Labour, Feminism & Ethnicity in Sri Lanka

Labour, Feminism & Ethnicity in Sri Lanka

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ISBN : 978-955-7743-03-5
Author : Kumari Jayawardena
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Kumari Jayawardena is the author of The Rise of the Labor Movement in Ceylon, Ethnic Class Conflicts in Sri Lanka, Feminism and Nationalism in the Third World, and The White Woman's Other Burden. She is a former Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Colombo.

LABOUR, FEMINISM & ETHNICITY IN SRI LANKA presents selected essays by leading academic and feminist figure Kumari Jayawardena.

A collection of seminal essays uniting diverse topics encompassing the heading. From 'Striking Printers' and 'Pioneer Rebels Among The Colombo Working Class' to remembering activists like Heidi Keunemann and Vivienne Goonewardena the book goes on to explore the effects on Sinhal Buddhism on 'The Daughters of The Soil' and 'The White Woman's Other Burden'. As can be expected, a meticulously researched and thoughtfully assembled text that will remain essential reading for anyone interested in the structuring of Sri Lanka.