Sri Lanka In The Modern Age : A History

Sri Lanka In The Modern Age : A History

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ISBN : 978-0-19-946086-8
Author : Nira Wickramasinghe
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Nira Wickramasinghe is Professor and Chair of Modern South Asian Studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands. She is the author of Metallic Modern: Everyday Machines in Colonial Sri Lanka (2014).


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Perera Hussein Publishing House

'For those wanting to understand the origins of the disputes which have kept the island of Sri Lanka in turmoil for the past thirty-five years, Nira Wickramasinghe has written a packed and comprehensive account of the historical developments which have shaped the nation now known as Sri Lanka.'
-Asian Affairs

'A neatly crafted, well documented historical narrative... A significant contribution to the discipline of history in Sri Lankan society.'
-Commonwealth and Comparative Politics

Sri Lanka in the Modern Age recounts the modern history of the island in an accessible yet unconventional manner. Where other histories have tended to focus on the state's failure to accommodate the needs and demands of the minority communities, Wickramasinghe places their claims alongside the political, social and economic demands of other communities, parties, associations and groups, tracing their lineages to the colonial period. This paperback edition carries the book into the present, covering the brutal end of Sri Lanka's civil war and the making of the oppressive stability that has arisen in its wake.