Chilli, Chicks & Heart- Attacks: The misadventures of an intern by Dr Manjula Mendis

Chilli, Chicks & Heart- Attacks: The misadventures of an intern by Dr Manjula Mendis

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ISBN : 978-955-1723-11-8
Author : Sanjaya Senanayake
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Sanjaya Senanayake is one of the millions of South Asians who was born outside the revered continent and brought up in the West. In keeping with this inauspicious occidental origin, Sanjaya has spent his life rebelling against all that is South Asian. Indeed, despite his conservative parents' pleadings to become a movie star, watch football and marry a bikini-clad blonde, he thumbed his nose at South Asian convention: Sanjaya is now a doctor who loves cricket and is married to a girl named Dilukshi. When he is not writing, Sanjaya is an Infectious Diseases specialist and Associate Professor of Medicine in Australia.


Published by
Perera Hussein Publishing House


Long listed for the Dublin Impac Prize in 2012

A rollicking, racy, fast paced read of a medical intern's first year at the prestigious St Ivanhoe Hospital. Dr Manjula Mendis, first generation immigrant in an unnamed Western country is the hope and salvation of his immigrant parents. His adventures both in the hospital and out of it, his quest for love amidst the plotting and planning of an arranged marriage ensure that this novel will keep the reader either incredulous at the range of medical oddities presented or keep them grinning at the misadventures that seem intent on following our unlikely hero.

Chilli, Chicks & Heart Attacks is a light-hearted rollercoaster read, fluently written, in snappy and colourful language... Sanjaya's strength is in fleshing out his characters – Renuka Sadanandan