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Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit

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ISBN : 978-955-98057-1-7
Author : Afdhel Aziz
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Afdhel Aziz'z first book China Bay Blues won the State Literary Award for Poetry, and was short-listed fro the Gratiaen Prize – Sri Lanka's premier English language literary award.


Published by
Serendipity Unlimited

STRANGE FRUIT is both a love story – and a mesmerizing journey into the heart of darkness that beats deep within this paradise.

As a child, Maya was forced to flee Sri Lanka following the anti-Tamil riots. As a fiercely independent young woman, she returns to explore the country of her birth, when she falls deeply, serendipitously in love with gentle, romantic Malik.

But tragedy strikes when her mother is killed by a terrorist bomb, setting into motion a life-changing chain of events.

From raves on moonlit beaches and secret drag balls on private islands, to encounters with deat squads in forests dense with unspeakable secrets.

 'An ambitious novel of parallel worlds, where recent history makes for difficult choices.' - Romesh Gunasekera, Author Noontide Toll and Reef

'Lovingly chronicles both the beauty and tragedy of Sri Lanka... races to a conflagration of a conclusion.' - Nayomi Munaweera, Author Island of a Thousand Mirrors

 Shortlisted for the Fairway Prize in 2017