China Bay Blues

China Bay Blues

RS. 850
ISBN : China_Bay_Blues
Author : Afdhel Aziz
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Afdhel Aziz was born in Sri Lanka, lived in London and now lives in New York. This is his first book.


Published by
Perera Hussein Publishing House

State Literary Award Winner; Shortlisted for the Gratiaen Prize

Enter a world of heat lighting and jazz, old radios and secret songs, the conversations that lovers have in the moments before dawn. Afdhel Aziz draws on the rich imagery of his home Sri Lanka to create poems of simple intimacy, capturing the lush beauty of the country, as well as its darker sides.

The confrontations of a man and his heart – Carl Muller

For anyone longing to return to a country in the imagination – The Sunday Times

Poems of simple intimacy that capture the lush beauty of Sri Lanka – The Daily Mirror