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Tsunami: Lest we forget

Tsunami: Lest we forget

Tsunami: Lest we forget

RS. 500
ISBN : 978-955-1723-09-5
Author : Rohini Cooray


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Rohini Cooray was born in Colombo and lived in America for many years. She has participated in several art exhibitions, including at the Lincoln Centre, New York City. She has published five books of poetry and her paintings grace the walls of home across the globe.


Published by
Perera Hussein Publishing House

Twenty-four poems that transcend the tragedy of the tsunami that devastated the coast of Sri Lanka in 2004. With sensitivity and tenderness they address the questions that preoccupy the universal human condition.

Ms Cooray's work, both in the French in which she composed it and in translation (explanation) is arresting and thought provoking; a singular meditation on an equally singular moment in time. She has chosen to mix classical references most interestingly and even startlingly, with modern metaphors, her heavily alliterative style redolent of the whirling intensity of the tsunami to which the work is a response – Jill McDonald